Havs are unique because...




Havanese in movement, Amsterdam World Dog Show 2002.  Photo courtesy of Dolores Galindo of Los Gábatos

Havanese in movement, Amsterdam World Dog Show 2002.  Photo courtesy of Dolores Galindo of Los Gábatos

Oye Chico Chévere showing "flash of pad". Photo courtesy of Regina Tolosa of Cubanitas (UK)

Please imagine... this behind (Candela's) going left, right; left, right...



Some dogs seem to float when they walk, some have dignified strolls, the way a Havanese moves is so unique, it is one of their most identifiable traits. It’s such a happy walk: their springy gait, their flash of pad, the way they move their behinds to the rhythm of a conga, that they seem to be telling the world, with every step, what happiness is.



Silverdale Calypso Piper, Charlie's Mom

Calypso Don Carlos el Rumbero, aka as Charlie


Yeap, but not only with their mouths, they have this twinkle in the eyes that just makes you smile back. And, nope, even though they are a happy breed, it is not a happy-go-lucky type of smile, it’s more evident when they want to play, they have done something to make you smile, or they are just driving Mikey- the Cocker- nuts.



Candela as close to my office chair as she can get.

Charlie sleeping under my desk... as usual.


I’m sure this is true with many breeds, but I believe Havs are the happiest when they are around their family. Some call it the “Velcro syndrome”, I call it the most adorable trait there is. Don’t misunderstand me: they are not needy dogs, it’s just that they thrive in the company of their owners. They will look for spaces as close to you as possible to lay down and keep you company.




Closely related to # 3, they use every trick in the book to call your attention and make you smile. I cannot tell you how irresistible that is: even when you need to be working or concentrating on a book, or…  They might touch you with their paws, or like Lola –and her uncle Lucky whom we met when we picked her up- giving a few soft pulls to the end of your shirt or your pants to get your attention. Less subtle Charlie will smash himself to your side, and Candela who will either climb you up, or just push your hand to make you keep on stroking her. Without a doubt, they love to be the center of attention.



Oye Chico Flor de Cuba, Candela's Mom, with Bamba, Candy's half-sister

Charlie & baby Candy

Lola & Charlie



This trait is just plain adorable.  They have to know where the others are, if they are OK...   The same way they play together their own Havanese games, they stay together and take care of each other.



We have no clue what you're talking about....  But if something did happen, ask Charlie...


The spectrum of their talent ranges from comedy to drama. As I’ve stated before, they would do anything to make you smile. Here, though, I would like to make reference to their ability to deny any wrongdoing. Candela will give you “the face”, that is, the must incredibly angelical look you’ve ever seen. As soon as you ask “Who did…. ?”, Lola, on the other hand, will turn on her back, belly up, looking at you like she has no idea there is evil in the world.

Note: Poor Charlie must be catholic. Even though 99.5% of the time he has not done it, as soon as he hears “Who did….!”, he runs to his favorite hiding place, just in case.

Note 2: This quality of Havs makes it awfully hard – if not impossible- to reprimand them. Two scenarios may happen: Either your heart melts, and you just beg them no to do it again, or they will practice one of their funny looks and you’ll burst out laughing.

Note 3: If everything else fails, Mikey did it.



Yes, Mom?

Not fair...

I missed you, Mom.

Lola, melted.  


Closely related to all of the quirks mentioned so far, the Havanese expression is undoubtedly one of their best attributes. Unlike other toy breeds, whose looks are more sweet or placid, a Hav’s look is mischievous and clever… probably because they ARE mischievous and incredibly smart! As the AKC standard says “their expression is soft and intelligent, mischievous rather than cute…”. This quality is enhanced even more by the way they lift their ears and tilt their head from one side to the other, when you talk to them, they hear something that calls their attention or just because…

Note: Having said all of the above, I must add that they also have the sweetest face on earth, just a look and they’ll melt your heart.



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