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My family in Arizona

chweb f Baby Piper.jpg (20060 bytes) chweb f Piper, Charlie´s Mom 2.jpg (17064 bytes) chweb f dad.jpg (31889 bytes) chweb f Piper, Charlie´s Mom.jpg (15182 bytes)
Silverdale's Calypso Piper, my mom, when she was a baby Piper, my mom, isn't she gorgeous? Kramer, my dad Mom, again.
ch web f lily.jpg (22047 bytes) ch web Lily 4 weeks.jpg (21563 bytes) chweb f Laine with Charlie, Lilli and Piper.jpg (20307 bytes) chweb lily82 (1).jpg (17086 bytes)
Lily, my only sister, a couple of days old. Lily, the day we went to have our first CERF Laine, with me and  Lily Lily, two-months-old.  She stayed with Laine.
Ch web f.jpg (22426 bytes) chweb Charlie 4 weeks.jpg (21405 bytes) ch web f charlie half-bro sis  08_07.jpg (26251 bytes) ch web f charlies bros and sis.jpg (23210 bytes)
Good-looking me, a couple of days old. CERF day, a bit messed up with the car ride... My half-brothers and sisters My half  brothers and sisters.



With the loves of my life


ch web 1 con Daniel.jpg (27941 bytes)

ch web Lola y Charlie en la cama.jpg (27638 bytes)

ch web Con mi adorado Charlie cp.jpg (24884 bytes)

ch web 1 con Papá.jpg (32076 bytes)

With my pal, Daniel

With Lola

With Candela, my # 1 fan

With Dad

ch web Año Nuevo 2001.jpg (44283 bytes)

ch web 1Daniel posando a Charlie.jpg (24731 bytes)

ch web Con mis novias.jpg (47845 bytes)

ch web 1 Los tres amigos.jpg (23573 bytes)

Our first New Year celebration

Posing with Daniel for the Jr Handler competition

With my girlfriends

The three amigos

ch web Stolen kiss... rz.jpg (19920 bytes)

ch web primera navidad.jpg (39104 bytes)

ch web Rendido con Candela.jpg (34912 bytes)

web Daniel y Mikey, Lola y Charlie.jpg (35431 bytes)

Stolen kiss

My first Xmas

Sleeping with Candela

Me, Lola & Mikey with Daniel




Good-looking "Tato" (as Mom calls me)

ch web Charlie 4 2.jpg (20345 bytes)

ch web Charlie en Orlando.jpg (34773 bytes)

ch web Yo quiero entrar.jpg (21554 bytes)

ch web Cute baby.jpg (29747 bytes)

At 8 weeks old, still in Arizona

First night with my parents in Orlando

Mom, please open the door..


ch web Charlie 4 meses.jpg (45156 bytes)

ch web Charlie globos.jpg (34292 bytes)

ch web Charlie, Tercer Cachorro Nacional_filtered.jpg (21624 bytes)

ch web Charlie en la playa.jpg (36663 bytes)

How cute is this face?

Happy B'day sis!

When I got the title "Third Best Puppy in Show"

At the beach house

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web Skippy va de shopping 2.jpg (38041 bytes)

web Skippy va de shopping 3.jpg (37795 bytes)

web Don Carlos.jpg (34611 bytes)

Skippy goes shopping

Let's see what the cat can do

Goodies & toys: Good kitty!

Don Carlos

ch web 2Charlie web pose 3.jpg (25208 bytes)

ch web don Carlos.jpg (44990 bytes)

ch web Charlie 1 año.jpg (25570 bytes)

ch web perfil.jpg (37074 bytes)

Teaching Nicole how to stack me

Do I look like a happy chap or what?

Trust me: I can see

My gorgeous profile

ch web El gran Tato.jpg (46627 bytes)

ch web My baby.jpg (26020 bytes)

ch web charlie zebra.jpg (29886 bytes)

ch web TATO ACOSTADO.jpg (21403 bytes)

Just me, being WOW

Now you see why Mom is in love with me?

My true colors: the zebra Hav

Taking a break

ch web charlie's hidding place.jpg (29816 bytes)

ch web hidding place.jpg (26374 bytes)

ch web C´mon mom, déjame salir.jpg (29838 bytes)

ch web Not fair.jpg (28953 bytes)

My favorite spot in Mom & Dad's room

Yes, I do fit under the TV cabinet

Smiling at Mom, so she'll let me out

Not fair


And before you go: 
My famous Grandpa

web fievel.jpg (38966 bytes)

web fievel en orlando 2.jpg (33396 bytes)

Katrina's Charmer of Manfred, Fievel, ROM, and best veteran many times!

We kind of look alike, don´t you think?


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