CH Calypso Don Carlos El Rumbero



Charlie, one day old

Charlie, 4 weeks old



My name is Charlie and I'm the man of the house (Sorry Mikey, but you know what I´m talking about...). When I go to shows they call me "Calypso Don Carlos El Rumbero", and I was my Mom's before I was even born!  When Alfie passed away, she was incredibly sad.  Then she discovered the Havanese and started to read about us, look at pictures, do research and fall in love more and more with the breed.  In fact, she used to sing that 80's song: "I think I'm turning Havanese, I think I'm turning Havanese, I really think so", but thinking about us eased the pain of Alfie's death. 

She had to wait some time, write lots of emails, make lots of phone calls, but she finally found me, well, almost. You know how soul mates are bound to find each other, so one day she called Sandy Twiss (of Kachina's in Arizona) and she directed her to a friend, Laine, my breeder.  The rest, as they say, is history, but what a story...

Mom and Laine wrote emails back and forth, almost every day during my Mom's pregnancy.  According to all plans, Mom's due date was April 4.  Days went by, and nothing.  Mom and I had other plans.  

Lily and I were finally born on April 11.  The 11th of April!  On that same day Alfie would have turned 14.  Not only that: when I was born I was black, with white "booties" on my paws, white on my chest and a white spot on the head, exactly like Alfie's markings!  What a gift for my new family, who could hardly wait to have me in their arms.

Even though I "looked" black, Laine told Mom that I wouldn't be black.  Since the first days you could tell there was silver underneath.  So being that I'm a Havanese gentleman and that my hair would turn silver, my parents decided to name me accordingly: Don Carlos.  The name fits me perfectly.


Charlie, packing,  9 weeks old

Tato, 5 months old


Without a doubt, I'm the best behaved of the house, but I also love to play.  My favorite game is "run-like-hell" in the smallest available spaces you can imagine.  I also excel in "It's alive" and, every time I play, everybody ducks, because they are afraid one of my toys might hit them.  That makes the game even more fun -not hitting them, but watching them make themselves real small every time I have something hard on my mouth! 

My favorite toy, hands down, is Candela.  We play for hours on end -specially "Chew-face"-  and you should see how "cute" we look afterwards!

I LOVE to eat and they have to check me because I can overdo it, specially if they leave Candela's puppy food unattended.  I have mastered the "vacuum-cleaner technique", and in a few seconds flat I have all her little pellets in my mouth, waiting to be pleasantly enjoyed in a very far spot of the house.

Mom says that I remind her of Cousin Itt of the Addams family.  I have so much hair that brushing one of my legs takes her as much time as doing all of Lola & Candela put together.  She's exaggerating but my coat does make me look like a teddy bear. You should see me wet, however, I´m half the size I look!

Charlie, one year old

Charlie, one and a half years old

True to Grandpa Fievel offsprings (Katrina's Charmer of Manfred), and to most Havanese boys, I'm madly in love with my Mom and I'm always close to her.  I also love to play with Daniel, or have my Dad rub me under my leg.  He's the best in that department. Every time I see Nicole, I let her know how much I missed her.  I mean, maybe she was just downstairs, but if you see me you would think she was gone for a year.  We always do a "high-five" when she gets home from school.  I take my role as the boy of the house very seriously, and I protect and take care of Lola and Candela, always watching over them.

Everywhere I go, people go nuts over me.  They say that I look like a plush toy, and they always want to hug me!  Mom loves to watch me walk, because I just have this way of moving my behind that is way too cute.  When I go to shows, I also walk like a pro, smiling and gaiting like a true Hav Champ.  Well, being the only male Havanese of the house I have to show-off, and I do it like you wouldn´t imagine.

Sweet, smart, loving and lovable, with a heart so big that it knows no boundaries, I´m a huggable teddy bear.