CH.Candela De Los Gábatos



Candela 1 week & 20 days old

Candela 1 month old

Hi everyone!

Finally my turn! I´m Candela De Los Gábatos and I came all the way from Cartagena, Murcia, in Spain. Since Dolores, my breeder, told mom that she was going to breed my parents, she said: I would love to have one of their baby girls! But they had to wait and see if there would be girls and, if so, how they would turn out. Mom wanted a girl with all Cuban bloodlines, gorgeous and very special, and I fit the bill perfectly! It was a long wait, but well worth it.

And I bet you´re asking yourself: Why "Candela"? Well, because I was born feet first, and Franck, my dad's breeder, told Dolores with his Cuban accent that "The ones that come feet first are "candela". And was he right! I'm mischievous, loving, smart, playful, and I LOVE to be the center of attention; a charmer in the softest package you can imagine. Mom also says that the name fits me to a tee because "Candela" is "the base unit of luminous intensity", and I´m a bright and happy star that brings light to everyone around me.


Candela 5 moths old

Candy 5 and a half months old

When I turned 16 weeks old, I flew from Madrid to Miami in a huge IBERIA 747. Mom & Dad went to pick me up at Miami's airport, and they were all worried because it was such a long trip. It took me two minutes to feel at home, fall in love with them, and start to play and be my good-old-self. Since the first night in Miami, I slept like I always do: really close to one of them, all snuggled up.

Lola, Charlie & Mikey welcomed me and made me feel at home real fast. Lola looks so much like Flor, my mom, that I thought it was her! She has been my #1 teacher, sharing with me all her effective tricks to drive Mikey nuts. Charlie, well, this guy is the sweetest one you've ever met, and I became his baby right away. He took care of me from day one, when I didn´t even know that I was going to need protection!

That is, before I met Skippy, the Machiavellian cat, and Alejandro, the gigantic rabbit. Those cowards tried to play rough with me, but Lola & Charlie let them know right away that I was their little sister. It's so good to be the pampered little girl of the house. Oh, before I forget, they are now my friends, and besides, they just found out how fast a tiny little Hav baby grows and how fast she can run after them. Also -and please do not tell Alejandro this- on every chance I get, I steal some of his food, and run as fast as I can to hide it in one of my secret places!


Candela, oh what eyes!

 Candy at 8 months old


My favorite pastime is to be petted. I've never had any problems getting a volunteer to do the job. Besides, if they get tired, I give them a soft push on their hand to let them know that a little more would be appreciated. Then I go to the next one, who gladly resumes the task at hand, while I start to melt and fall asleep. I also love to watch TV with my Dad. Well, at least "I" watch, because, when he is lying in bed, I always climb up to his shoulder, or more accurately in front of his face, I sit down comfortably, and I let him know that he can start stroking me any time he pleases.

I also love to play "chew-face" with Lola & Charlie, and most of the time I'm the one being chewed by both of them. Am I lucky or what? No wonder my hairstyle is kind of peculiar and my top-knots don´t last 5 minutes in place. Hmmm, maybe that's also one of the reasons that, every time someone in the house looks at me, they laugh!

When I was younger and not as fast as I am now, there was no way I could beat Lola, Charlie & Mikey when we ran after a toy. I mean, even now Lola beats everybody, but then, when Charlie was able to get it first, I used to "help" him bring it back to mom: while he ran back with the prized toy in his mouth, I would hold tight to one of his ears all the way to where mom was, looking like a furry little earring,  He is such a sweetheart, he never complained, 

I love to go for a ride and meet people. Yes, I know, it is not always possible for them to take us along, and, when we stay, the nannies take great care of us. But as soon as they are back, it is my job to let them know that their actions were totally unacceptable. I do so with these low, raspy sounds that I have mastered to perfection. I don´t understand, then, why instead of looking ashamed and remorseful, they just burst out in laughter!

A consummate actress, of Cuban lines and spirit, Spaniard by birth, and Panamanian by love & luck, I am an amazing Havanese, in love with life and my family.