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My family in Spain



web candela  f Flor en Laje.jpg (32223 bytes) web cande sancho.jpg (14010 bytes) web cande sancho en granada.jpg (28623 bytes)
Mom, when she was a baby My Mom in Laje Sancho, my dad Sancho in Granada
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My dad in show.  He's a champion all over the place! Dad, getting his championship picture in Spain My mom in show My mom is champion in Spain and Cuba
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Mom & Dad All of us with mom Eating.  I´m the one on the left, in my typical position Mmm good...
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My sis, Cartagenera & me. My brothers All of us with Dolores Me, looking like a grown up already
web cande Candela y Torito 1 mes.jpg (37403 bytes) web f Besitos a mami.jpg (27396 bytes) web cande Todos nosotros.jpg (31298 bytes)
I swear I'm not doing anything bad to Cartagenera Torito looking for trouble (kidding!) Mom kissing me All the family: Dad, mom, Dolores, the kids & Bety, my Gos D'Atura big sister
web f Flor Jugando Candela DOS.jpg (28081 bytes) web f Candela 2 meses.jpg (38830 bytes) web cande mis hermanitos.jpg (37093 bytes) web cande Flor y Bamba.jpg (65399 bytes)
Mom, teaching me chew face The prettiest Hav in Spain! My new brothers and sisters Mom & Bamba, my new sister who will stay with Dolores



With my new family


web 2 Candy in Miami.jpg (33939 bytes)

web 2 durmiendo.jpg (21712 bytes)

web 2 Haciendo relajo con papá.jpg (31131 bytes)

web 2 aeropuerto.jpg (22540 bytes)

With my new family, great!

Our first night together

Playing with dad

With mom at the Miami airport

web 2 Con mi hermanito Daniel.jpg (38193 bytes)

web 2 cande Con mi hermanita Nicole.jpg (27629 bytes)

web 2 Oye Lola, seamos amigas....jpg (23504 bytes)

web 2 Y ahora quién es este.....jpg (31363 bytes)

In Panama, with Daniel

With Nicole, my new super-pal

C'mon Lola, let´s be friends..

Wow, who's this!

web 2 Comité de recepción.jpg (28679 bytes)

web 2 Con mi adorado Charlie.jpg (30096 bytes)

web 2 candela y Mikey.jpg (36168 bytes)

web  2 cande Los Rumberos.jpg (45489 bytes)

Now, that's more like it

With the love of my life, Tato

With Mikey

With my new best friends




Simply irresistible


web 3 Candela con lacito, Nov.12, 02.jpg (35458 bytes)

web 3 A ver quién gana.jpg (31092 bytes)

web 3 charlie no quiere jugar.jpg (27087 bytes)

web 3 con mi tato.jpg (36332 bytes)

Wearing my first bow

Don't worry, I´ll beat him

Mom: Charlie doesn´t want to play with me

Now, this is better

web 3 puesto de comando.jpg (29558 bytes)

web 3 cande Enero 03.jpg (44583 bytes)

web 3 Mine.jpg (26981 bytes)

web 3 cuidando mis tesoros.jpg (26568 bytes)

Commanding post for the tiny ones

Do I look happy or what

Mine, mine, mine

Protecting my treasure

web 3 cande helping.jpg (33090 bytes)

web 3 Child labor.jpg (30096 bytes)

web 3 Lección de triturar papel 101.jpg (27491 bytes)

web 3 Lección 101, 2.jpg (24896 bytes)

Helping with the chores

Helping with Allegro's  Xmas orders

Recycling 101, Teacher: Charlie

Good student, but remember: practice makes perfect

web 3 Yo no fui.jpg (25135 bytes)

web 3 durmiendo.jpg (27551 bytes)

web 3 durmiendo 2.jpg (24503 bytes)

web 3 durmiendo 3.jpg (25263 bytes)

How is this?  Practicing with the Cuban Relief donation boxes!

Sleeping, Candela style #1

Another one

And another...

web 3 cande I think I can.jpg (45775 bytes)

web 3 Mikey dámelo please.jpg (36526 bytes)

web 3 dos minutos después.jpg (41187 bytes)

web 3 how cute is this face.jpg (20612 bytes)

I want the bone

Please, Mikey, give it to me

Two minutes later

I'm irresistible

web 3 Candela 7 meses 3 semanas,.jpg (30364 bytes)

web 3 Candela, dizque bien portada.jpg RZ.jpg (24743 bytes)

web 3 Candela, more like it.jpg (34410 bytes)

web 3 cande paseo.jpg (32370 bytes)

Candela, 8 months old

Beautiful eyes

Are we going out?

Oh, this is life!



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