Alfonso Mouynés, who gave us 14 years of love and introduced us to the Havanese


Alfie was our first dog as a family.  When Nicole turned 4-years-old, we went looking for a companion for her, remembering how important had been in our lives the dogs that had shared our youth with us.  He gave us 14 years of love and laughter.  He taught us that strenght and character have nothing to do with size.

He was Nicole's only brother during almost 4 years.  He kept her company, he protected her, and he taught her the importance of sharing.  When Daniel arrived, Alfie adopted him as his partner, and he showed him how to treat him with respect and care.

To remember Alfie is to remember our journey as a family.  He was a vital part of our lives, and he still is.  Alfie lives in our memories, in our hearts, and in Mikey, Lola, Charlie & Candela.


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Nicole & her baby brother


Mario & Alfie Playing Nicole's first day of school
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His favorite treat: pizza!

Playing while dad sleeps With my babies At the beach house Christmas



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A very pregnant me, waiting for Daniel Playing with his new baby brother Taking care of Daniel Horseback riding Hmm, these Mickey shoes look good
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With Nicole and half of her piñata A real life dinosaur One of Alfie´s birthdays In grandpa's hammock at the beach house Fit Alfie, with a love note written by Nicole



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Daniel & Alfie

Alfie, not so happy with his guest Mancha CEO of the Mouynés household Top Executives Priceless
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Daniel's day at the Internatinal School He asked us to bring his pal, Alfie At school With his friends, Mom, Dad & Alfie How cool am I?